15 Year Anniversary for Filis Law Firm

In July 2002,  I sat for the Texas Bar exam. Thankfully I had my friend Mary K. to make the 3 days of testing tolerable. Then, after many months of waiting, we finally received our results. Many people do not know this, but all the Texas law school graduates who take the Bar find out if they passed the Bar all at the same time. The Texas State Bar Examiners post the pass list online. I was thankfully on the list and within a couple of months, I formed The Filis Law Firm, PC.

Over the years I have enjoyed the flexibility of having a general civil practice. In the middle of 2008, I entered into the world of Oil and Gas. We are in Texas so it makes perfect sense to work in energy in some capacity. I enjoyed oil and gas title work, but my son who inspired me to explore a different path in my career. With his diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, our lives changed – not better or worse, just different. Since then, Filis Law Firm has provided me with the ability to share what I have learned over the years and help protect the legal rights of children with special needs and their family members.

Fifteen years of Filis Law Firm, and many more years to come.

Advising Families With Children With Special Needs

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