Have You Heard of IMFAR?

2017 International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR)

I do not consider myself new to the Autism community, however, I did not know about the autism research meeting of hundreds of clinicians and researchers from fifty countries, who met this month in San Francisco for the 16th annual meeting.  Various articles from the discussions by the panels at the conference can be found at here that include Diagnostic tests miss autism features in girls, and Alternative screen finds high autism prevalence in U.S. state, where South Carolina’s study (unpublished findings) indicates 1 in 28 children are on the spectrum. This screening used in South Carolina was modeled after South Korea’s screening process that yielded an autism rate of 2.65 percent, approximately double that of the United States.

Another article I found of interest is Doctors twice as likely to miss girls as boys on autism screen by Hannah Furfaro, May 12, 2017.  For more info, go to https://spectrumnews.org/conference-news/international-meeting-autism-research-2017/.