Keep the Family Home in the Family

Are one or both of your parents in need of more assistance with daily activities than what they are receiving in their home?

Nursing homes and assisted living facilities can be expensive, but the government helps those in need with Medicaid benefits. A problem many people face with Medicaid is that they are ineligible due to having too much money and too many assets.

For many retirees, qualifying for Medicaid to pay for nursing care appears to be impossible.

As their child, it may seem like this is a hopeless situation and quite unfair to have your parents lose everything they worked hard for over the past few decades to try to qualify for Medicaid.

MERP is the Medicaid Estate Recovery Program. MERP can only recover from assets that pass through probate. Both a Ladybird Deed and Transfer on Death Deed pass property outside probate.

Estate and Medicaid planning can be accomplished to keep your hard-earned assets in the family. Contact our office for more information.