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The situations we face with our children are not always contemplated by standard provisions in legal documents and court filings.   Parents with children with special needs should be aware of the legal status of their child once he or she reaches adulthood. Let  the Filis Law Firm help your family with:

Guardianship of a Disabled Adult Child

Once you have completed all of the forms for government benefits for your child with special needs, take the necessary precautions to preserve eligibility.  A well-meaning relative might leave an inheritance for your child that could cause an eligibility issue for benefits.  Consider Special Needs Trusts and making changes to your own Last Will and Testament.

Special Needs Trusts / Wills / POAs

 A Divorce Decree may fail to include indefinite child support for a child with disabilities paid by the obligor parent.  In the event the obligor parent dies before the child, the obligor’s estate is responsible for the child support; however, many Decrees fail to demand adequate life insurance coverage to meet the lifetime expenses of the child.  Further, the Decree should demand that the obligor parent maintain an adequate amount of disability insurance to meet the lifetime expenses of the child.

Modification of Divorce Decrees / SAPCR