Steps to Consider When Raising a Child with Special Needs

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A new little baby.

A new diagnosis.

What do you as a parent do for your child after the diagnosis? For me, I had many changes in my life, including the formation of many new friendships with other parents with children with special needs.

1st – learn all you can about the diagnosis and get your child on Interest Lists for benefits. For me, I had much to learn about autism.

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimates that

1 in 68 school-aged children have been identified with autism spectrum disorder.

2nd  – Take a look at Government benefits such as Medicaid and SSI cover:
• Basic Medical Care
• Food
• Clothing
• Shelter
Monthly maximum amount of SSI for an individual is $733 and $1,100 for an eligible couple. Caution: Do not use trust funds for the child’s support for the above expenses.

Medicaid Chart for Child and Adult

0 to 17 years old
18 years and older
Low income – Qualify for SSI, which comes with Medicaid as a benefit Low income (around $700/month or less) – Qualify for SSI, which comes with Medicaid as a benefit
Middle income of family – Medicaid Buy-In for Children through HHSC Middle income (around $2100/month or less) –Medicaid Waivers through DADS, HHS
Income and resource for child only (family income is NOT considered) – Medicaid Waivers through DADS, HHS Higher Income (over $2100/month) Medicaid Buy-In for Adults through DARS/HHSC


3rd – Protect eligibility for benefits and get a Special Needs Trust. Contact The Filis Law Firm and schedule a consultation for Estate Planning that meets your family’s goals for the future.


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